Replica of the costume of Louis XV

In the frame of the opening of the new museum, GardeRobe Manneken-Pis, the Museum of the City of Brussels has entrusted Manufacture Prelle with the production of a copy of the oldest costume in its possession, one offered by the King of France Louis XV in 1747.

At the time, French soldiers stationed in Brussels attempted to steal the statue of Manneken-Pis. The anger of the city's inhabitants was such that, in order to calm them down, the King offered Mannekin-Pis a gentleman's costume and named it Knight of the Order of Saint Louis, meaning that soldiers had to salute the statue when they paraded past the fountain.

With the original costume having suffered greatly over the years (above all oxidation and fading), it is no longer possible to show it to the public. The City's Museum wanted to produce a copy of it given the importance of the costume. Parts of the costume that have been preserved enabled it to be redesigned and the fabric to be woven almost identically.

Sporting the accessories of an 18th century gentleman (tricorn, lace, medal, buttons) the public can now admire the replica of the costume in its full glory and understand the importance of Manneken-Pis for the City of Brussels.