How many outfits does Manneken-Pis have in his wardrobe?

Manneken-Pis has more than 1,000 outfits. These are carefully preserved by the Brussels City Museums.

Why is my country's outfit not on display?

Some countries have never donated an outfit to Manneken-Pis.
Each European country is represented by at least one outfit.
For countries on other continents, a selection of the outfits from the collection are exhibited.

Is the collection exhibited in one room only?

We cannot display all the outfits in the collection due to conservation reasons. Textiles are very fragile materials.
Some outfits are also on display at the Brussels City Museum – Maison du Roi, alongside the original statue of Manneken-Pis.

Where are the other outfits?

The outfits that are not exhibited are kept in the archives of the Brussels City Museums.