The oldest outfit in the collection

The royal outfit and a request for forgiveness!

In 1747, Louis XV’s soldiers stole Manneken-Pis. The population of Brussels was struck with disbelief.


To make amends for this theft, the French king decided to offer an outfit to Manneken-Pis. With this gesture, the king acknowledged the significance of the ketje in the hearts of the residents of Brussels. He also declares Manneken-Pis a knight of the Royal and Military Order of Saint-Louis. This honorary order created by his predecessor rewards the most valiant officers. A highly symbolic gesture!

GardeRobeMannekenPis ©Y. Peeters
GardeRobeMannekenPis ©Y. Peeters
GardeRobeMannekenPis © E. Laurent
GardeRobe MannekenPis © E. Laurent

Louis XV's outfit is fit for a gentleman!

It is the oldest garment in the collection. Due to its fragile state, it is no longer exhibited.

An identical replica is on display in the GardeRobe.


This garment is made of brocaded blue silk lampas and embellished with silver and gold thread. Passementerie buttons, embroidered leggings and white leather gloves complement the outfit.