GardeRobe MannekenPis

An extraordinary museum just a stone's throw away from the famous fountain

Manneken-Pis is the only statue in the world with an actual dressing room!


Located just a stone’s throw away from the fountain, the GardeRobe MannekenPis has around 140 outfits in its incredible collection. Whether a gift from an athlete or a designer on behalf of a fashion house, the outfits come from the four corners of the globe and are exhibited by theme:

  • Geographical location
  • Designers
  • Celebrities
  • Trades
  • Sports
  • Folklore and carnivals
  • Charities and Citizen associations
GardeRobeMannekenPis ©E.Danhier
GardeRobeMannekenPis ©E.Danhier
GardeRobe MannekenPis ©E.Gomez

A vibrant collection that is constantly evolving

Due to conservation requirements, the Museum only showcases part of this fabulous collection. You can find all the outfits here or at the museum itself via the interactive terminal.


The Manneken-Pis receives between 20 and 30 new outfits each year. After an official presentation and a dressing at the fountain, the new outfit is added to the museum collection. It is placed in a display case until the next outfit arrives.


The Museum regularly changes the exhibited outfits.


Each time you visit the GardeRobe MannekenPis, you’ll discover a range of new outfits!


GardeRobe MannekenPis © E.Gomez
GardeRobe MannekenPis © E.Gomez

GardeRobe MannekenPis © E.Gomez